The Proposals

We are proposing to build a new 10,000m2 educational centre and facility, comprising of a single, six-storey building that would bring together the School of Mathematics and School of Computer Science & Informatics and provide teaching, research and office space. 

The Site

The site is located beside the University’s central campus and is immediately adjacent to the Cardiff Business Technology Centre, Students’ Union, Cathays Railway Station and the railway line. The site is currently in use as a University car park.

The site was selected following a feasibility study that was undertaken in summer 2016 and various sites were appraised against a range of criteria such as location, availability, size, and public transport links.

Project Background

We're undertaking our biggest campus upgrade for a generation - a £600m investment in our future. This major upgrade will transform the campus for the 21st century.

We are spending £260m on our teaching, learning and student experience, to improve existing facilities and develop new ones – including our plans for the new Maths and Computer Science & Informatics Centre. Other current projects include the Centre for Student Life and the latest phases of the Innovation Campus.

While the current School of Mathematics sits directly behind the proposed site for the new centre, on Senghenydd Road, the School of Computer Science & Informatics is located a short distance away. It is hoped that combining the two schools for the first time will enable further joint degree schemes at the cutting edge of both disciplines and allow for development in new areas of research.

Additionally, our aim is that as a result of the new Centre, the two disciplines will bring both high-quality staff and high-quality students as well as pioneering a new way of working which embodies genuine collaboration and shared vision.

Building Design

The single, six-storey building is being designed by local architect practice Stride Treglown in conjunction with internationally renowned design studio - Adjaye Associates. The project team has been working to come up with a design for the new building that can work within the constraints of the site and provide the quality of learning spaces and value required.

The team have drawn inspiration and ideas and lessons learned from visits to a range of other top-class faculty buildings across the UK, such as the University of Oxford Mathematics Institute and the Queen’s University Belfast Computer Science Building.

As the plans have progressed, plant and building support at roof level has been set back from Senghennydd road in order to reduce the visual and physical impact of the scheme for local residents.

The design will also feature landscaping and improved pedestrian links between the Students’ Union Building and Cathays Station (and the footbridge), including a contemporary plaza adjacent to the ticket office and to the west of the building (including planting), and contemporary paving along the front of the building on Senghennydd Road (including the main entrance).

Community Consultation

Prior to a planning application being submitted, public consultation on the plans took place from 27 July to 27 August 2018 and full details of the draft planning application were made available on this website.

As part of the consultation process, we delivered information about the draft proposals and how to provide feedback to around 140 local residential and business addresses, as well as 36 local stakeholders and consultees, and ensured the wider community was notified of the consultation through posters, site notices, the project website, and local press coverage.

12 responses were received to the consultation and these were taken into consideration as we finalized the application. Information about the consultation, responses received and how these have been addressed in the plans can be found in a Pre-Application Consultation Report that was submitted with the application.

Next Steps

A planning application was submitted to Cardiff City Council on 28 August 2018 and full details of our plans and how to make your views known can be found on the Council’s website. The planning application reference is: 18/02019/MJR.

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